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President's Message

Over the years, I have been asked to explain the advantages of buying from CBM/BASICS instead of just ordering from the Internet or catalogs.  The reasons are numerous.  I started CBM/BASICS in January 1977 and have been rated in the top 15 nationally since becoming associated with Kaiser and Blare, Inc. in 1991.  Over the years I have attended many seminars, training sessions, trade shows, and conventions to educate myself with the latest products and ideas to help my customers, clients, and friends.  Our association with KB has given us the ability to have the best prices because of the huge contracts and price concessions granted to us by many suppliers.  Our years of experience have established a track record of the many suppliers available.  In short, we are the best and we know what works and have the best quality and prices.

But we are not just salespeople, trying to sell promotion items.  Our business has been built by our customers, by placing their trust and confidence in us to find the best product, at the best price, delivered on time.  We communicate with you to find solutions.  Communication and personal interchange are the key to successful achievement of your promotion goals.

Why promotion items instead of Radio, TV, Newspaper, Etc.?  All forms of advertising are important and have their place in the advertising mix.  Most forms of advertising take the “shotgun” approach of being visible to very large number of prospects for a very short period of time.  Promotion Items take the exact opposite approach of being visible to a select number of people for a very long period of time.  Promotion Items are especially effective in certain areas: Increases Name recognition; Reinforces company name after receipt of item; Shows appreciation to customers, employees, friends, etc.; helps introduce a new product or service; may be part of a mail order campaign; Incentives for safety, personnel, sales, etc.; Trade shows; Business gifts; Increases customer loyalty; Holiday gifts; Grand opening gifts; change in address, phone, etc.; awards; reunions; and hundreds of other uses only limited by your imagination. Our years of experience, knowledge of the many items available, extensive training, prices, quality, etc., make us the best choice to help you with all of your promotion needs.

Please contact us and let me prove our abilities.  We want your business but only by contacting us can we prove that we can help you achieve your goals.

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell







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